Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This is my new site/blog dedicated to fanfiction. I had one before but it was incredibly unorganised and it drove me nuts. So... here it is. This is the "main page" and even though this was made mainly for my benefit, every is welcome. :) You navigate this place with either the links under "Index" to the left... or here. Everything's organised into their respective fandoms except for those who don't have enough fics to merit their own post. All fics go over certain of my qualifications (and no, they aren't that strict):
  • Be well-written (no glaring grammatical/spelling mistakes, etc.)
  • A good plot
I also have a number of fics that I go for:
  • I like slash and I usually don't like canon females (especially Ginny) - if at all.
  • I like dark fics (evil, suicidal/depression themes, etc.)
  • I like AUs. A lot. The more different from canon, the better.
  • I like violent/gory fics.
  • I like fics that make me think.
All right, with the introductions done, here's what I have here:

My Fics
This is where I put up links to all my fics and putting up new ideas.

Harry Potter
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Death Note


Alex Rider

Other Fandoms

All suggestions/questions are welcome. :) Please feel free to comment!!